We are called to be sons, not slaves


A slave is accepted on the basis of what he does (workmanship)

A son is accepted and appreciated for who he is (relationship in family)


A slave’s purpose is to meet a need.

A son’s purpose is to grow up, find God’s purpose and fulfill it.


A slave seeks comfort, happiness

A son seeks fulfillment


A slave starts the day anxious, worried wondering if his work will

please his master/boss

A son rests in the secure love of his family.


A slave is expected to be successful

A son is expected to be faithful


A slave needs to prove his worth

A sons status is secure


A slave runs from pain

A son embraces pain strategically


A slave gives favors - “you owe me” then expects something in return

A son shows favor and has favor


A slave avoids problems

A son sees opportunities in problems


A slave talks about self

A son talks about the team - sees bigger picture


A slave expects more from others than self

A son personally raises the bar on self


A slave is intimidated

A son walks in confidence (not pride)


A slave manipulates for recognition

A son rests in his position


A slave seeks supernatural for self (to feel legitimate)

A son uses supernatural for others - compassion


A slave seeks immediate gain (caught up in the here & now)

A son sows into future (perseverance to go long term)


A slave is directed by commands

A son is directed by love


A slave worships because of duty (no heart)

A son worships because of love


A slave worships to earn God’s favor

A son worships because he has God’s favor


A slaves worship is structured

A sons worship is spontaneous


A slave extends honor upwards

A son extends honor downwards


A slave obeys orders

A son solves problems


A slave sees cost in failure

A son sees benefit in failure and learns


(not on the list but also mentioned is a slaves correction is taken

as rejection and I have to get it perfect to please God)


SUMMARY:  The Spirit of Slavery is driving, striving, working, and performing. It produces burn out in the natural and spiritual. Driven by guilt to perform, not out of love. Slavery comes from a wrong view of who you think God is and a life built on lies. Slaves are spiritually bound up, emotionally hung up, and relationally tied up.


Be free to walk in sonship. By Pastors Paul and Cheryl Black -

Frederick, Maryland