Building A Firm Foundation

Tires are the foundation (support) for my car


Specific cars (or vehicles) need  specific tires

Race cars, Off road, Simi trucks

Mini Vans, Motorcycle/bicycle

Tractors, Buses


Some are built for show, some for comfort, some for a specific job, but all to move, all to do something


But none of them could do what they were created for without the right kind of tires. Because the tires are the foundation, the support of the car.


Off road tires vs race car

Motorcycle vs bicycle 

You would never put car tires on a tractor



What happens when you don’t use the right kind of tire for your car? Ineffective, struggles, can’t get the job done, or done as well if you did have the right kind.

Motor home and blown out tires

Motorcycle – street, off road


My relationship with Jesus is my foundation (my support) *


Just like there are various cars and vehicles all created for s specific purpose – God created each of us for a specific purpose:


Pastors, Teachers

Evangelists to share the love of Jesus

Sunday School teachers


Store owners

Farmer, Field workers




Moms, dads

Good neighbor, good friend



Just like tires are the foundation of the car, so is our relationship with Jesus the foundation for us as believers. 


What happens when you don’t have the right foundations for what you want or are called to do? Ineffective, can’t get the job done, struggles, sometimes does more harm than good


* Firm Foundation:

1. F - Faith

2. I - Integrity

3. R – Relationship of intimacy w/God

4. M - Maturing in Christ never ends



What happens if there is not enough air in ALL the tires?

Less effective 

Unsafe driving conditions, swaying 


Less miles per gallon, more wear on the engine

Can cause blow outs, which can cause harm to your car and others


The heavier the load, the more air is needed

Cause for concern - 

Your car might start drifting from side to side – I might just need a wheel alignment


Poor roads, going where you don’t belong

Not enough air



Balancing Tires

New tires have to be balanced



















What happens if there is not enough of Holy Spirit as your foundation, in ALL areas?

Less effective

Unsafe – prone to enemy attack

Overheat, exhausted, tired, more wear on your body

Can cause blow outs,  which can cause harm to yourself and others

What if one tire is low because I don’t want Holy Spirit to have access


The heavier the load, more H.S. is needed


Cause for concern - 

I might start drifting from side to side (living in flesh vs living in the kingdom) – I might just a Holy Spirit alignment


Poor roads, going where I don’t belong

Not enough air (Holy Spirit)

I start compromising

I start making excuses


Balancing my life

Am I too busy

Preaching, teaching, serving, but no time for daily time with God



The interesting part of this is the Hebrew word for spirit. We almost get a little spooky talking about the Holy Ghost, but the Hebrew word behind spirit is ruach, and it means "air in motion." It is the same word for "breath." It also means "life." By resemblance to breath and air in motion, it means "spirit." Thats where we get the translation, and the Hebrew word contains all those different meanings. If we just leave it with our English word "spirit," were not getting the full attributes of what the Bible is trying to describe. Its trying to describe that there’s a breath involved.